Reservations can be made by email ( or telephone (call +44 07799 892333). Bookings are only confirmed once we receive from you a deposit or full payment. The booking must be made by a member of a party occupying the property who must be 18 years of age or over.

Deposit, payment and bond

Bookings are treated as ‘confirmed’ on receipt of a deposit of 25% of the total rental sum payable and will constitute acceptance by you of these terms and conditions relating to the rental of the cottage (including the Terms of Occupation below). The balance must be received by us in cleared funds no later than 30 days before commencement of your holiday. Once the booking has been confirmed, we would suggest that you consider taking out insurance against cancellation as non-payment of the balance by the due date shall be construed as a cancellation by you of the booking.

Where you are looking to occupy the property less than 30 days from the date of booking then we will require the full amount to be paid immediately to confirm the booking.

In addition to the rental cost of the property, we will require you to make a bond payment of £150 (the Bond).  The Bond must be paid by you at the same time as the balance is due (or immediately in the case of bookings made less than 30 days before the occupation of the property). The Bond is to cover any losses, breakages or damage to the property during your stay and will be refundable in full within 7 days of your departure provided you comply with our Terms of Occupation (see below).

Payments can be made directly via Bank Transfer (see below for bank details).

Terms of Occupation

We hope that you enjoy your stay at Golyfadeg and to ensure that those who may be using the property after you are also able to enjoy their stay we require all guests to comply with the following terms and conditions (Terms of Occupation):

Access times, key collection and return

All bookings must be for 7 days or more (except from November to February by request). Guests are permitted access by 5 pm on a SATURDAY and must vacate the property by 10 am on the SATURDAY of departure. Guests with confirmed bookings will be sent details of the location and code for a secure KeySafe at the property at least 24 hours before their booking start date. Keys to the property can only be obtained with this code and must be returned to the KeySafe before departure. The KeySafe can be used during the stay with the code provided (codes are changed frequently throughout the year).

Pets at Golygfa Deg

Provided that you comply with certain rules during their stay, well-behaved dogs are welcome at Golygfa Deg but owners must provide full details of any pets they wish to bring at the time of booking. Under no circumstances are pets allowed in any of the bedrooms at the property or on any of the furniture. Doggy bags must also be used at all times to clear up any “deposits” left in the garden. There are some fantastic dog walking routes right from the front door but paths can be muddy after wet weather and owners are required to make every effort to clean off their dogs before allowing them back into the property. An additional charge of £25 is charged to cover the extra cleaning costs required.

Waste and Recycling

Ceredigion Council has recently introduced a new waste and recycling policy and we require all guests to read the information provided in the Welcome Pack to ensure they help us to comply with this policy. LILAC bags are provided for mixed recycling (plastics, cans, paper, cardboard, tetrapak cartons and foil), while separate ORANGE bags can be used for non-recyclable waste. Glass bottles are collected separately.   We reserve the right to retain all or part of the Bond should guests not follow the instructions provided.

During your stay and on departure

The property is furnished to a high standard and every effort is made to ensure that our guests have everything they need for an enjoyable stay.  In the property, there is some further information about the facilities you can use during your stay and some requests on your departure but in particular, we wish to draw the following conditions to your attention:

    1. You agree to take all reasonable and proper care of the property during your stay and to leave it in a clean and tidy condition when you leave.  This includes ensuring that all kitchen equipment and utensils are cleaned after use and that towels provided for you during your stay are used only in the property and not on the beach;
    2. You will be liable for any breakages, loss or damage caused to the property during your stay and failure to comply with the Terms of Occupation may result in all or part of the Bond being forfeit to cover the cost of replacement articles, repair or any additional cleaning costs incurred.
    3. During your stay we may need to enter the property to carry out any urgent maintenance and you agree to provide reasonable access to us for that purpose – we will, of course, provide guests with as much advance notice as is possible should this need arise;
    4. You will not sublet or otherwise share the property except with persons nominated when booking your stay. The maximum number of people permitted in the cottage is as stated and must not be exceeded. We reserve the right to terminate the booking contract without notice and without refund in the event of a breach of this condition.

The above terms and any other terms which may be notified to you in advance of your stay form the Terms of Occupation and you hereby accept that any failure to comply with the Terms of Occupation may result in the forfeiture of some or all of the Bond.

Wifi access and codes

Guests staying at Golygfa Deg can now access an unlimited internet connection via a password-protected Wifi service to connect their mobile phones, laptops and tablets. The password will be provided to guests in advance of their stay.

Bank details

Reservations must be accompanied by a deposit or full payment made to the following account:-

BANK: Santander
SORT CODE: 09-01-28
ACCT NO: 56619662

Please email with a reference when you have made a deposit so that we can ensure that your requested dates are logged against your party. You will receive confirmation by email.